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With Covid restrictions finally being relaxed this summer, life can start returning to some semblance of normal. For those living in Montréal and its immediate environs, “normal” means cheering on the Canadiens with your closest friends on a terrace, long walks through several beautiful parks, big barbecues in bigger backyards, and taking advantage of the downtown core’s bustling nightlife. 

Unfortunately, “normal” also means creatively navigating a sea of orange signs, cones, and road closures to get to wherever it is you need to go.


However, not all construction projects in Montréal and its immediate environs are as obstructive, tedious and downright annoying as the roadwork. Some projects are actually providing much needed residential, commercial and business edifices to the citizens of Montréal and its largest-growing neighbour in new construction, Laval. Even more impressively, these mixed-use developments are being built amidst luxurious green spaces to afford citizens the opportunity to enjoy the serenity, inner harmony, and work/life balance that only nature can provide. 

Map of Montreal in Canada. Detail from the World Map.


Recent trends in real estate and development point to Laval being the newest epicentre for construction in the Montréal area. This stands to reason, as more people are leaving urban areas for the suburbs to enjoy bigger homes at more affordable prices, larger and more numerous green spaces, and less traffic; a trend accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

New construction in Laval doesn’t get any more ambitious than the proposed Carré Laval, a mixed-use development that will include a research centre, offices, and residences in the middle of a huge public-access park with a giant lake. The proposed 4 million square foot development boasts automobile-free walking zones to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and will be localized near Highway 15 in Laval’s burgeoning downtown core. 


At the forefront of projects of this nature is OleaDev Real Estate. Our company prides itself on taking the time to listen, analyze and source the right solution for the project at hand, and are right at home in the middle of projects such as Carré Laval. Our development expertise in all asset classes such as industrial, office and mixed-use residential projects makes us the perfect candidates to create, lead, and manage complex and cutting edge projects that attend to all aspects of modern life.

A perfect marriage of design and execution, OleaDev provides the best in a classy, reputable, reliable and transparent process which translates into total project alignment, cost certainty and impeccable construction execution!

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  • Date: June 30, 2021
  • Author: berwil